About your Self Proclaimed Master Game Master

What is Relevant

I have been Gaming since the mid 70’s, starting with the D&D Blue Box (Holmes 1st edition).  I have spent most of that time being a Game Master, with a lot of playing thrown in.  I have played many games of many genres and lots of different rule sets.  I have designed several game systems, but never published any.  I have designed worlds, towns, a fantasy pantheon, languages, societies, adventures, characters, NPCs and whole worlds.  I have made muti-story arc campaigns, as well as throw away games (those games for a night or two because you are limited on time or missing players).

I consider myself a pretty good ref, with lots of skills and the ability to learn new ones, or alter my styles.  I have played under more than a handful of refs and like to think that I have learned something for all of them, including some things I will never do.  I have learned things I like and things I don’t, and I believe that I can change to what my players want as well.  I think my greatest strength (or at least what I think my players like best) is my NPCs.  I tend to run narrative games and so I use voices, accents, dialects and mannerisms…sometimes apeing worn stereotypes, sometimes just someone to vex the players.

It fascinates me to know what the players perceive from the games, because sometimes I will think something is very important, and think I relayed that….but the players may never even realize it was even there!  OK

So, those are my qualifications, however you will need to know my bias as well.  Even though I will try to be relatively objective, that may not always be the case.  So…I am male, and in my 50’s.  I typically ref in an Epic in-character style.  I prefer natural boundaries as opposed to game balance restrictions.  I tend to be a huge Top down creator, which has been know to muddle the goings on.  Throughout most of my gaming, I have GM’d a single player, and prefer smaller groups, usually about 4 or 5 players.  I usually prefer players that are character driven.  I like using a well designed game screen, because I tend to play quite rules close.  I am not a dice police, and am quite lenient on re-rolls.  Finally, I am not that good at evoking setting or setting up moral dilemma, even though I feel those are some of the best gaming for character driven games.

Questions?  (Oh yes…I love dice…I roll dice often for no reason, but my players don’t always know when they are important!)

Anything to say?

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