What you might Expect

The Dark Stuff

The Dark Stuff

Come on in have a bit o’ the dark stuff, and ponder on my observations

Who Am I?

I have been gaming since the mid 70’s, since the D&D blue box.  The vast majority of that i served as Dungeon Master, or DM…or GM, ref, Marshall, Story Teller, watcher, observer or whatever the various games use to identify the person who sets the stage for the player characters.  I tell decent stories, and have often been told I do great NPCs.

What will you find here?

My not so humble ramblings, observations, comments, thoughts, reviews or whatever I think might be of some use to someone who has ever considered picking up the dice and moving behind the screen.

This is my first blog, but by far not my first rants, so perhaps you may find something of use.  I will try to catagorize things so that each entry can be found if you, or I, want to go back and reference something.